Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lyon Hall's Bounteous Brunch

Our first meal at Lyon Hall, right after it opened last spring, made us question whether this place was ready for prime time.  But after working out some kinks, menu tweaks, adding a daily happy hour (5-7)* and weekend brunch, I am pleased to report that Lyon Hall is now ready for the Arlington dining spotlight.

Brunch this past Sunday was everything a good brunch should be.  James Taylor crooned in the background of the bright, window lined downstairs dining room.  And to start: donuts!  We opted for a mocha glazed and an Earl Grey from their selection of fresh-fried donuts.  Both were fantastic airy, slightly misshapen, and humongous.  The Earl Grey was surprisingly sweet, with a sugar glaze and just a hint of its namesake; the mocha glaze was rich, with a semi-sweet chocolate glaze kicked up with a coffee infusion.  At $3 each or four for $9, the mouth watering selection changes weekly. The Lyon Hall kitchen knows their pastries, whipping up tasty treats for not only this restaurant, but their sisters Northside Social and Liberty Tavern as well.

Lyon Hall: Mocha Donut

And I did not think it could get any better, but it did!  B and I uncharacteristically got the same entree: three eggs your way over a short rib potato hash.  One word: decadent.  And this descriptor is in spite of the fact that we both chose egg whites.  This dish clicked.  From the foundation of wine braised short ribs seared with potatoes, to the fluffy egg whites, to the bitter greens with a light vinaigrette, the preparation was both unique and flawless.

Lyon Hall: 3 Eggs over Short Rib Potato Hash

Unlike on previous visits, our server was knowledgeable and attentive, even with a full dining room.  I dare say that this brunch rivals the Tabard Inn (without the month wait time--at Lyon Hall we actually got a same day reservation).  If you are so inclined, $5 Bloody Marys and Mimosas are also available. Two donuts, two entrees, tax, and tip came to $40.

*On a recent Sunday night happy hour trip we enjoyed $3 beers while seemingly surrounded in a sea of meet ups.  Great beer and some fun people watching too.  Is Sunday night the new blind date night?  Let me know, dear readers, I am out of the loop!

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  1. Cool, thanks for the review. I'm going to try out their brunch. It sounds fabulous, I've been wanting to try dinner there too. Since it opened I've only drank there, their drinks are always pretty great and I love the interior.


  2. Outstanding review! I'm glad to hear Lyon Hall's has shaped up into quite culinary establishment. Your initial review & from what friends have told me over the summer, I got a very strong "Don't go out of your way to eat here" vibe.

    Have you had dinner at Lyon's since your initial review? I'm curious since I'm trying to decide whether my first visit should be for brunch or dinner. I'm leaning heavily toward the brunch since the short rib looks absolutely stunning & I keep hearing mixed feelings on the dinner.

  3. Chris -- We had dinner at Lyon Hall last night and were quite pleased (revised menu from my initial review) with both the food and the service. Either way you should be in good shape. Let me know what you think.