Friday, February 24, 2012

Eating Around DC Feeds Three: B, Me, Bump

You may have noticed Eating Around DC has been in bit of winter hibernation.  Have I stopped enjoying the culinary offerings that this city has to offer?  Am I no longer traveling and looking for tasty food finds?  Well, yes... sort of.  My appetite has waned and shifted over the last several months, albeit for good reason, but nonetheless, leaving me short of energy and material to share with you.  So where have I mostly gone?  In short, to my couch. 

In the not-so-distant future, I hope to be able to share some baby-friendly foodie finds in DC, but right now my appetite and tastes have been reduced to those of a five year old.  Think bland!  Whereas before, a luxurious plate of canapes might have included oysters, foie gras, and a California cabernet, now it's all pickles, popcorn, followed by chicken tenders or a hot dog (if I am feeling particularly adventurous). 

I know B hopes my appetite returns soon too, as his DC dining adventures have also all but ceased.  In the meantime, look for updates that your five year old and/or pregnant woman would love.  Next up, is the hot dog the new cupcake in DC?