Friday, February 4, 2011

Digitally Dining: DC Douchebaggery...Or Why I Need a Vacation

Cactus Cantina: Chips with a side of Self Importance

Yes, yes... I know DC is a high strung, Type A, around-the-clock work city.   But having said that, this scene left me agape.  Look closely.  Not only is the guy in the puffy vest texting (vice engaging with his dinner companions, which is sadly not all that an uncommon of a site in the metro area), but the first thing he did upon being seated was whip out a stand for his smart phone.  Really?!  Is this typical behavior?  I guess he should be applauded for his ingenuity in avoiding carpal tunnel risks.

And if you couldn't guess from the tortilla chips, frosty beer mug, and plastic red glasses of water, this was not a power establishment.  If you cannot relax and enjoy (okay, tolerate) the (mediocre) food at Cactus Cantina -- or as B and I like to call it, the Poor Man's Lauriol-- where can you? 

And with this DC Dining experience emblazoned in my memory, I am headed to a tropical isle to eat, drink, and relax -- electronic devices excluded!  But fear not, new content will appear on Eating Around DC thanks to some already scheduled posting -- I guess I am a Washingtonian after all!

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