Friday, February 11, 2011

District Taco: Now with a roof!

District Taco: Burrito Mojados

While trucks, carts, and all manner of food-on-wheel options permeated DC this summer, what happens when the weather is too cold for street meat?  While in the case of District Taco, it means coming inside and expanding their meals on wheels empire with a brick-and-mortar operation.  While District Taco's carts continue to thrive, the Arlington storefront on Lee Highway provides slightly more formal amenities, like seats and a bathroom!

Obviously, the tacos are the showpiece, but being a sucker for a good burrito, I went all out on a recent visit and ordered the burrito mojades.  I turned the heat up on this burrito--already spicy--with the addition of fresh diced jalapenos.  Ample portions of black beans, rice, and chicken, topped with a spicy chili-laced salsa and a mercifully cooling swirl of sour cream, result in a hearty lunch that requires a seat indeed as you will need a knife and fork to tackle this burrito.

The passion behind this project is clear, and I was impressed to see an employee making the rounds of the small dining room to ensure everyone was enjoying their lunch.  And the burrito was really good; though I still think Pedro and Vinny's (yes, a food cart) is the best in the city.  And as for best ever, Boston-based Anna's Taqueria still has my heart (and stomach).

A tasty burrito and a Boylan's fountain soda was $10.  While this is not worth the trip across the city; if you are in the area it is a solid, casual lunch option, and definitely exceeds the offerings at omnipresent Chipotle and Baja Fresh chains.

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  1. I'd recommend checking out

    if you haven't.

    I know they have weird hours, not 100% sure what they are, but def. make sure they are open if you want to check it out.