About Eating Around

Unbiased Reviews and Candid Commentary
Where to Eat in DC and Beyond

I am a DC consultant by day and an avid foodie with a voracious appetite by night (and let’s be honest, sometimes by day too). My husband, B and I like nothing more than enjoying eating and drinking experiences, whether it be a fantastic happy hour, a fabulous tasting menu, or creating a new dish ourselves from farmer's market fare. In short, we love to eat and drink here in DC and on our travels far and wide.

Eating Around DC chronicles this food journey, providing unbiased restaurant reviews and dining commentary for DC and culinary destinations worldwide. My approach to reviewing restaurants starts with a simple but oft-times overlooked premise among the fooderatti -- $50 good is a lot different than $500 good. I appreciate good and deplore poor service, value creativity and quality ingredients, and promise candid accounts of my dining experiences.

Please submit all inquiries to eatingarounddc@gmail.com