Monday, February 21, 2011

Mesmerizing, Magical, Majestic

The Majestic: Amish Chicken with Fettuccine

Until last week, I had experienced the pleasure of indulging at three of Cathal Armstrong's establishments -- Eamonn's, Eve (both the tasting room and bistro, pre-blog), and PX. -- but had yet to try Majestic.  This was not for lack of effort -- "Nana's Sunday Dinner," a family-style prix fix, is a hard reservation to get.  But the magic of a rare 60+ degree evening in mid-February changed our luck and B and I walked in and got an early table without a reservation last Thursday.

The understated dining room is backed by classic diner tunes playing at a volume appropriate for conversation.  And the friendly, accommodating staff (we had to be in and out in an hour and our waitress graciously coordinated with the kitchen) set the tone for what would be an unpretentious but indulgent meal that will have us coming back often.

This is the type of comfort food that you wish would find its way to your neighborhood.  The dishes seem effortless in the warmth that they bring to your table, but the scene from the open kitchen makes it clear that they are anything but.  Amish chicken with a side of creamy house made fettuccine was hearty and flavorful drawing out the natural richness of the dark meat.  A special of veal osso bucco was fragrant in an herbed gravy set off in both color and flavor by the saffron risotto nestled below. 

A side of Chef Red's (named for head chef "Red" Overmiller) onion rings, thick cut and fried tempura style, were accompanied by housemade ketchup, an aoli, and Ranch dipping sauces.  This order was totally gratuitous on our part, but also one that was greatly enjoyed.

And while prior plans did not permit time for dessert, the truffles that accompany the check were filled with decadent dark chocolate studded with chocolate chips and rolled in coconut.  If this one bite tease is any indication of what those delicious towering cakes yield, I will surely allow time for dessert on our next visit.

Two glasses of wine, two entrees, side, tax, and tip came to $105.

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  1. I smell Cesare w/ the basil garnish and saffron risotto