Thursday, February 17, 2011

DC Represents: The People's Best New Chef

Four DC-area chefs snagged nominations in the Mid-Atlantic category of Food and Wine's People's Best New Chef Contest.  And unlike most industry awards, this one allows the eaters (us!) to pick the winner.

And since I pride myself on being an over-achiever-eater, Eating Around DC has feasted on the fabulous but varied cuisines of each of the four chefs--on multiple occasions.  It is going to be a tough choice, as these chefs all manage to combine the traditional with the trendy across cuisines as diverse as Italian, French, Cajun/Creole and American classics; dining experiences range from counter service to white-table cloth elegance. 

Linked below are the reviews of the four nominees' restaurants in the last year -- guaranteed to make your mouth water.  This is going to be a tough choice... I am still deciding on which one will earn my vote.  What do you think?

Kyle Bailey, Birch and Barley
Daniel Giusti, 1789
David Guas, Bayou Bakery
Nicholas Stefanelli, Bibiana

Voting is open through March 1st on CNN's Eatocracy, so go support the DC food scene and vote.  No matter which chef wins, let's see DC on top.  And if you were looking for an excuse to get out this weekend, now you have four -- after all, all voters should be as well-educated as they are well-fed!

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  1. And the winner is...Kyle Bailey of DC's Birch & Barley! Way to go DC chefs and congratulations to all the nominees.