Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best Burger in DC: Rustico Ballston

Perhaps second only to specialty cupcake shops, DC has experienced a surge in dedicated burger joints.  But after a life-changing burger experience this past weekend, I would like to nominate yet another contender, which in my opinion surpasses all the others: Rustico Ballston's dry aged cheddar cheese burger.

Rustico's Dry Aged Burger

A hearty portion of savory, flavorful meat (cooked to order) is sandwiched in between a toasted house-made brioche bun and smothered with tangy cheddar cheese.  The richness of this unbelievably juicy burger is cut with a red wine shallot aioli.  And do not let the large mountain of hand cut fries in the photo above fool you; this is one big burger.  The crisp and salty skin-on fries are ideal to mop up the burger juices.  And if all this was not enough, add not one, but two varietals (both traditional and smoked) of homemade ketchup.  Burger nirvana awaits...

Rustico: Star Hill Love

And if you can handle it, pair this burger with one of close to 50 beers on tap (and an even greater selection by the bottle). I opted for Star Hill's Love, a floral, wheat beer; B went with Sierra Nevada's Hoptimum brewed with whole cone flower hops packing a punch at 10.4% alcohol and 16 ounces.  And to make this meal even better and more wallet friendly come during happy hour every day from 5 - 7 when all beers are $2 off.

While service glitches are still a mainstay, any hassle is worth it; this is the best burger I've tasted in the DC area.

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