Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Over-the-Top Neighborhood OREO Creation

Clarendon's Bakeshop offers delicious treats, friendly service, and a laid-back, family vibe; in other words, it is about as far as you can get in taste and feel from DC's most hyped dessert destination.  The small, bright shop is tucked away in a storefront under the Zoso apartments on Filmore Street. 

I have enjoyed many of the sweets -- cupcakes, cookies, and cakes -- that baker Justin creates in small batches, and his mother lovingly serves and promotes.  But this past weekend, my adoration rose to new heights as I spied and later devoured an oreo cookie enrobed in a blond, chocolate chip studded brownie.  Moist and delicious, this indulgent snack was the ideal compliment to America's favorite cookie.  Does life get any better for a pregnant lady?  I think not.  And not to be left out, B devoured and very much enjoyed a peanut butter smash cookie. 

Stop by if you are in the neighborhood. This is the type of shop you want to thrive as it adds an authentic, community feel to an increasingly dense neighborhood.

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