Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Organic Take on Lip Smackin' Soul Classic

B and I decided to end the long weekend by trying out Liberty Tavern's summer special: an organic take on fried chicken. I learned about this offering from Metrocurean, a heralded DC-area food blogger, that while influenced by restaurants, does provide excellent information on new offerings. I read it regularly and appreciate her knack to get the buzz on what's new, including specials and openings.

Back to the chicken. I started with the paired drink special, a bourbon spiked iced tea. This beverage was a bit strong for my taste at first, but as the ice melted, it provided a great elixir to the heat and paired perfectly with the food to come. Plus, on Mondays it is offered for $5.

Liberty's fried chicken special made me happy to be an Arlington resident. For $15, it included more food than I could ever eat. But beyond that, it was made of the highest quality ingredients -- a hallmark of this neighborhood eatery. The Polyface Farm chicken really did taste more like chicken than the usual stuff.

As you can see, the lightly fried chicken, battered with secret spices, came paired with the best southern biscuit I have ever tasted. I will admit that the biscuit is the only thing I was able to finish. The plate also included gravy, green beans sauteed with almonds and sausage (not pictured since it was plated under the chicken), an individual crock of gruyere fennel potato gratin, and for good measure a side of watermelon. Everything was flavorful and worked well together. The sides change based on the shifts in seasonal summer produce.

There was also a $5 dessert option, but B and I did not make it that far.

Our server was as usual very friendly and knowledgeable -- as all staff I have encountered here, but the pacing, also as usual, was off. At both Liberty and Lyon Hall the staff tries so hard, but the coordination with the kitchen is missing, resulting in ill-timed or extended wait times on drink and food service.

This special, offered Mondays after 5pm, despite the pacing issue, is definitely worth the trip and an unbeatable bargain. With tax, tip, a beer, the bourbon drink, and two fried chicken platters, the total was $51.

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