Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who's that Kid with the Oreo Cookie?

Bayou Bakery's Paper Bag of Sweet Nostalgia

Over-the-top takes on childhood classics are all the rage right now.  Having an insatiable sweet tooth, I have tried a myriad of these inventions around DC, and while I have largely been impressed with the creativity and appearance, I am often disappointed by the flavor execution.  But last week, I sampled Bayou Bakery's take on the O-R-E-O and was more than pleased.

David Guas's Dat ‘O is a giant chocolate sandwich cookie, of both ample size--and sweetness--for sharing.  The rich chocolate cookies carry the buttery finish reminiscent of the original Nabisco varietal; the sugary, firm cream filling is slightly sweeter than the classic version, but is an apt contrast to the rich dark chocolate bookends.

The Dat 'O takes the Oreo idea to new heights, which is the reason for this post -- I know, my third on Bayou in the last six months.  And while I had no intention of reviewing Dat 'O, this sweet treat is worth the post and your trip to Arlington Courthouse.  Now if only Bayou would think about adding more treats to its sparsely populated dessert case!

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