Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thumbs Down: Ted's Bulletin's Pop Tarts

This morning's brunch was an all-out breakfast (7:00, yawn!) owing to B's work schedule.  Fortunately, Ted's Bulletin, which I reviewed a few weeks ago, opens this early, even on Sunday.

So today, I decided to try one of Ted's Bulletin's delicious looking homemade pop parts that I drooled over on my last visit.  While seated in the nostalgic dining room,  I noticed a staff member carrying in a box of Dunkin Donuts for the kitchen staff and I thought: "Why would they be choosing munchkins and donuts over those delicious-looking pop tarts; do they know something I don't?"  Why yes, yes they did, it turns out. 

The pop tart arrived hot, with gooey frosting and whimsical colored sprinkles.  Good start!  I eagerly took a bite and it was dull, dry, and not even up to par with its mass-produced namesake.  Now I understand the donuts!  Though I hate to admit it, as a girl who grew up in New England, I can say those munchkins are quite tasty. 

Our other choice, the beer biscuits and gravy with lightly poached eggs, were once again rich and delicious.  This is a great breakfast bet, but stay away from those pop tarts in the window!

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  1. I could not disagree with you more. You clearly don't have good taste in food considering you are the ONLY one to have said this out of the many reviews and comments online. Go to Dunkin Donuts.

  2. Harsh! Such a sweeping judgement over one review. But I stand by my opinion.

  3. Just calling em' like I see 'em...

  4. I would imagine that the staff isn't allowed to just munch on the poptarts whenever they so please. I've had Ted's poptarts countless times and every time they are absolutely phenomenal! Couldnt disagree more.

  5. What flavor pop tart did you have? The ones I have had are amazing. I think Ted's pop tart is the best dessert in DC.