Monday, March 14, 2011

A Topless Twist to the Cupcake Trend

Topless Bakery: Lavender Lemon Cupcake

Want to go topless this spring without baring it all?  Think dessert.

You might have thought cupcakes were the stuff of bad reality shows and birthday parties, as DC has seen far more than it's fare share of this trend.  But what happens when you turn the cupcake craze inside out?  You get Topless Bakery, an Alexandria based delivery operation that dares to invert the frosting!  It's playfully risqué treats are piped full of goodness, their tops laid bare!

Elise is the baking maverick who dreamed up this playful concept while working a 9 to 5 desk job.  Inspired by her maternal baking lineage, she has made Topless Bakery a family affair.  Her sister provides the creative names, her mother the lavender, her father the sometimes delivery man.

The topless concept lets both the cake and the frosting shine, with a philosophy that even your mother would approve of: its what's on the inside that counts.  The treats include creative cupcakes (at $3.25 each) such as the birthday suit (blush), a vanilla cupcake with rainbow sprinkles full of butter cream, and the Triple C (gasp) cream cheese filling baked into to a rich chocolate cupcake.

My favorite, the lavender lemon cupcake, surprised me.  I usually find lemon flavored sweets almost cloying.  This sophisticated flavor palette was refreshing with a sweet lemon frosting surrounded by an almost impossibly moist lavender infused cupcake.

The tea cakes actually amp up the filling to cake ratio.  They include tangy custards such as  strawberry and lemon, and are available in standard and bite size portions, like the Cuddle me Carrot.

Delivery is free, and there is no minimum order, so this DC original can be sampled without the hassle of waiting in line for the ever popular cupcake.  Cupcakes and teacakes are 6 for $22.50 or 12 for $37.50.  You can also sample Elise's creations at Eola in Dupont circle, the Soundry in Vienna, and at the soon-to-open Queen Vic on H Street.

Perhaps DC should consider going topless (cupakes, that is) this spring...


  1. I've had ordered from Topless and the cupcakes were delicious. The blondie is to die for!

  2. I've tried those, they're yummy and sassy, which is a winning combination in any dessert for me!

  3. I've sampled Topless Bakery cupcakes and like how it's light & not too sweet!

    I'm glad that there is a Dupont location where they feature her cupcakes. May have to pick some up when the fam is in town :)

  4. I've ordered cupcakes from the bakery multiple times now, and pleased with each of my orders (large and small). Try the lemon puckers, yum.

    Plus, they were delivered to my door, so no waiting in lines.