Sunday, March 20, 2011

Double Ds: Dangerously Delicious Pies Await on H Street

H Street's Dangerously Delicious SMOG Pie

The food scene on H Street NE has evolved from what was once a row of hipster watering holes to now include some vibrant and eclectic dining destinations.  A recent Living Social offer fortuitously led us to try Dangerously Delicious Pies--on the eve of Pi Day no less.  We were pie-eyed by the myriad of both savory and sweet offerings of this Baltimore import, so we decided to order one of each.

For the savory we opted for an entire SMOG pie, which despite its name was a delicious combination of Steak, Onion, Mushroom, and Gruyere.  This pie's hand-made, hand rolled crust was a treat for the eyes as well as the buds.  When punctured, the buttery, flaky crust revealed a hearty filling that tasted like someone had slaved all day in the kitchen: tender and large pieces of steak, onions, and mushrooms were enrobed in a beef cream sauce.

And for the sweet, the Chocolate Chess, a Swiss chocolate and heavy cream chocolate ganache creation which according to DD's menu "equals an amazing chocolate pie experience."  And I can say, that why yes, yes it does!

We got both pies to go and were impressed with how well they reheated at home.  These pies would make a great housewarming gift, and the whole pie easily feeds four for around $35.  With so many choices, I will definitely be back many more times well before Pi Day 2012!

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