Friday, March 25, 2011

Food Field Trip: Symon Says Cleveland

The prospect of business travel to Cleveland on a frigid week in early March was not exactly an inspiring thought.  And I was surely not expecting to have an exceptional meal and dining experience on this field trip.  But, the food, ambiance, and service of Iron Chef Michael Symon's Lola Bistro proved on par with fine dining restaurants world wide. 

Beef Cheek Pirogi
Yes, I know this sounds gushy, but Lola almost warrants a visit to Cleveland--though preferably outside of winter--just to experience Symon's inventive cuisine.  Lola effortlessly combines modern touches (wine lists on iPads, a soaring open wine room behind the bar, sharply geometric chairs) with the classic (dim lighting, white table cloths, tear drop chandeliers).  Service was knowledgeable, passionate, and friendly, with a welcome side of Midwestern warmth.  And the food was classic without ever being boring.

Pork Chop
Appetizers of fried bone marrow and beef cheek pierogi were indulgent yet accessible.  The famed pork chop and venison entrees my dining companions and I feasted upon all brought out the juicy and tender flavors of the meat.  And dessert was satiating and playful.  Three chocolate, orange, and hazlenut donuts were served with hot chocolate for dipping.

After this meal, I think we should all do what Symon says or more specifically, enjoy with abandon what Symon creates.  If you find yourself in Cleveland this place is a must.  Appetizers average $15 and entrees hover around $30, with a wide-ranging wine selection.

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  1. I heard they have great fried brussel sprouts! Just told my cousin&family in Cleveland to check this place out.