Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Food Field Trip SoCal: A Cupcake DJ!

Attention cupcake watchers, and all you who thought Georgetown Cupcake's Bouncers were over the top.

This is a Cupcake DJ, who I found spinning on a recent Friday night at Cups, a cupcake shop in La Jolla, California. Walking by, I at first mistook the shop for a bad club. After my double take, I decided to go in and check out the cupcakes available in two sizes (after several minutes of staring at DJ Cupcake stationed in the corner). The cupcakes looked dry, and I did not have the energy or the appetite to try, but I have my suspicions based on the total of three customers in the shop (and the aforementioned DJ enlisted to attract patrons).

So DC, should we count ourselves lucky? We are (at least for now) above the audacity of the west coast Cupcake DJ, and the cupcakes at both Georgetown establishments both look and taste extraordinary.

Cups on Urbanspoon

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