Friday, September 3, 2010

Fireworks: Courthouse's own Church Key?

No. But now that I have your attention, let me say that our dear home Courthouse recently got what could be the next best thing beer-wise with the recent opening of Fireworks. Showcasing wood-fired pizzas, this Arlington restaurant, reportedly owned by two brothers, is its second--the original is way outside the beltway in Leesburg. Its craft beer selection of over 30 on tap varieties, all available in traditional and tasting sizes, competes only with Lyon Hall in this neighborhood.

This afternoon B and I popped in for a drink at the bar, and discovered confusingly worded (but quite the steal) happy hour specials, which are available from 4 - 6:30 on weekdays. Their "5 for 3 Special," only available at the bar, is simply this: five selected beers at $3 each (save Miller Lite, which is $2), and five of the 10" inch pizzas for $5.  The Abita Purple Haze on tap was effervescent and fresh, as was B's Stoudt Pils, a beer we have never seen before.  Additionally, though now only available if you bring your own, they will soon sell growlers of all of their tap beers.  Despite the signs indicating growlers were available, our kind bartender informed us they need to get a sanitizing machine (no idea) before they can sell the actual growler bottles themselves.

If nothing else, I am thrilled that despite being in a Marriott Residence Inn (which, by the way, also has a strange outdoor fountain which would seem more appropriate in the U.S. Southwest than in Arlington) that my neighborhood has this type of craft beer bar.

As for the pizzas, we did not eat, but our bar perch was directly in front of the wood-fired oven, and what was coming out did not look consistent.  Some crusts looked perfectly charred, others spongy and barely cooked.  But I will reserve all judgment until I actually try it.  As for now my sure recommendation is to go for the beer selection.  I'm going to give the kitchen time to work out kinks, but if anyone tries their pizza, please let me know what you think!

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  1. im looking foreword to trying fireworks good reviews and it sounds delicious