Friday, September 10, 2010

Food Field Trip: Three Squeals for the Pig

A rainy start to our Cape vacation led us to what is now my favorite pub grub spot in Provincetown: The Squealing Pig, just a few doors down from my other Provincetown favorite. It is cozy, with a twelve stool wooden bar along one side and table seating for about forty. The two waitresses serving the entire dining room, plus a bartender were beyond efficient.  This is key, because at least during rainy-day lunches, this walk-in only place, was packed.

We decided on the Pig after reading a Chowhound post lauding their smoky clam chowder, which we learned gets its flavor from the house smoked halibut. And we made this rainy day lunch hearty by pairing the steaming hot bowl of soup with Parmesan truffle fries.

The chowder, while not traditional, was exceedingly tasty, with ample fish, potatoes, and a cream-based broth. The fries were crispy with an intense, but not overbearing salty/sweet Parmesan/truffle bite.

Then on another one of our rainy days (yes, this vacation included several), we headed back for their home-made chili, which was chunky and spicy with large pieces of fresh red and green peppers. The accompanying chips were definitely not homemade, but served as just the right vehicle to enjoy this dish and counter the heat.

The local craft tap beer selection here is also quite unique. And while it was only August, the rain and the temperatures proved the perfect occasion to sample my first taste of fall in the form of Maine's Shipyard pumpkin beer.

Like most places in Provincetown, anomalies abound: an Irish-decor gastro pub with a Nepalese chef and an extensive microbrew selection. But don’t let the humble interior fool you. The comfort food is well above average, the ambiance is warm, and the service knowledgeable and friendly. 

Prices are relatively affordable, the chowder is $8, the fries $6, and chili $10.  Beer prices hover around $6.  I will return, and I intend to one day visit their sister location in Boston's Back Bay.

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  1. The unassuming sister location in Boston (near Longwood Medical)is great: their sandwiches really hit the spot, and those fries are pretty yum!

  2. Amazing looking chili and a great craft beer tap list... I am sold! If I'm ever near either locations I will definitely stop in for a bite. :)