Friday, May 13, 2011

A Sunday Night Pig Fest: Masa 14

Masa 14: Lechon Asado Sundays

Sunday nights just got a whole lot more interesting in DC.  In this high strung, uber-type-A city, you might have thought that Sunday nights were reserved for preparing--or dreading--the next morning's plunge back into the workweek.  But after a recent Sunday night family style dinner and literal pigfest at Masa 14, I think there is good reason to extend weekend relaxation -- at least until after dinner.

Masa 14 is now offering Lechon Asado (Suckling Pig) Sundays.  For $25, you get to choose between traditional or Cuban style spiced and shredded roasted pork.  And if you are not in the mood to make any other big decisions (it is still the weekend after all), the rest of the menu--four rotating sides, three salsas, tortillas, and a dessert of sopapillas and chocolate mouse--is predetermined.

This Latin-Asian fusion spread is flavorful and filling. On a recent Sunday visit, the pork was succulent and juicy and far more than my friend and I could finish.  And the sides almost upstaged the pig--garlicky, ginger spinach, shoestring French fries in a spicy sauce, rice slow cooked with cream that is finished under the broiler for crunch, and cheesy black beans.  The salsas added a citrus infused zest and robust heat.  The thinly sliced and fried sopapillas are dusted with coco powder and cinnamon, which contrasted well with the decadent and sweet chocolate mousse base.

In the middle of our main course, a fellow patron appeared to have a bit of food stuck in her throat and was unable to breathe.  The restaurant handled this situation with impressive speed; the waiter alerted the manager who quickly administered the Heimlich without causing a commotion.  The patron was relieved and not losing her life, she quickly rejoined her husband and continued with dinner.  Sometimes I forget all that goes into a restaurant and this example of quick thinking and preparation on the part of Masa 14's staff was impressive and reassuring.

So this weekend if you want to avoid that pesky red light on your blackberry for a few more hours, why not consider a pigfest at Masa 14?

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  1. Holy moley! Someone almost choked right in front of you. Got to give credit to the staff who save her life. Very impressive.