Monday, May 2, 2011

Food Field Trip NYC: Shake Shack

Shake Shack: Love and Custard

When the weather cooperates, spring in New York is spectacular. When B and I stepped off the train last Thursday into a picture-perfect day--sun shining, tulips sprouting, birds chirping--love was is the air. Or was that actually a more potent version of love masquerading as frozen custard?

Walking from Penn Station, our first stop was the Flatiron District, where we repeated a previous food field trip lunch feasting on fried chicken. After that delicious detour, enjoying the brilliant weather, we walked across Madison Square Park and stumbled upon Shake Shack, a counter service hut whose snaking line at lunchtime is visible well before the building itself. 

Undeterred by the line, we made our way to the express window, where you can bypass the crowds but only if you are ordering concretely. The Concrete starts with a base of a vanilla, chocolate, or the daily featured custard flavor and is mixed with your choice of rich, luscious toppings.  As I ordered, I thought, how is it that I have never had the pleasure of tasting chocolate truffle cookie dough before? The combination of the creamy custard with rich hot fudge, decadent peanut butter, and large chunks of that cookie dough was quite simply divine. But be forewarned, true to its name, after feasting upon a Concrete, you do feel a bit weighted down!

And great news DC'ites. Soon, getting your hands on this sweet treat will no longer require a trip up the East Coast. The Shake Shack is slated to open two DC locations in Dupont Circle and Nationals Stadium in June. Bring on the Concrete!

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