Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Chipotle Duel

I will unabashedly admit that Chipotle is one of my go-to lunch spots. The wildly successful mega-chain empowers customers to customize endless combinations of  fresh veggies and meats for about $7.  But customer instructions are critical to this concept, and that's where my experience more often than not goes awry.

Why is it that the burrito-istas always reach for the mild tomato salsa as the default?  They immediately grip the mild salsa spoon, ready to draw at any minute, regardless of my desire.  I for one have never had the mild salsa (and never will), so I have learned to preempt their reach for the mild spoon. The situation is akin to a lunch showdown, and I do my best to read their intentions and determine whether they are actually listening to me.  Will the mild salsa be summarily dumped onto my carefully crafted burrito bowl regardless of what I say?  Lately, more often than not, even after (perhaps too) loudly announcing my choice--HOT--it is too late, the scoop of mild salsa has already landed.  And I have lost another salsa duel.

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