Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Food Field Trip NYC: Morning at the Pub

In my opinion there is no better Sunday morning comfort food than an old fashioned donut.  DC has many highbrow brunch spots that offer excellent designer donuts, but sometimes you want a donut that doesn't require a reservation.  So on my last trip to NYC, I made sure to check out the Donut Pub, an institution dedicated to the art of the classic, no-frills donut.  With almost 50 years of old fashioned donut making experience, this Chelsea storefront boasts dozens upon dozens of delicious items. 

So grab a stool at the laminate wrap around counter, get out your cash, and brace for a bite down memory lane.  At a little over a $1 for a classic donut, this may be one of the most affordable food excursions NYC has to offer.

The Donut Pub proudly proclaims themselves the "treasure trove of tasty treats."  Well said.  I ordered a larger-than-life chocolate and vanilla glazed crueller.  This sugary and sweet twisted cake delight was bite after bite of calorie-packed comfort and nostalgia.

Any DC based entrepreneurs with a background in donut making out there want to go into business?  Let me know!

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