Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Effects of Reality TV on the Local Cupcake Industry

This past Sunday, I witnessed the effects of reality TV  rear its ugly head amid an already over-run cupcakery.  DC Cupcakes is a truly horrid show on TLC detailing the supposed behind-the-scenes stresses of running a cupcake shop, with a full share of antics between the two sisters who developed the concept. Though I've never seen their mother in the store, much less themselves all that much anymore, Mommy is prominent in the show as well. But despite its insipid content and feigned drama, it has drawn even MORE throngs of camera wielding, middle- and high school-age tourists to its shop. Today this resulted in a two-block line of DC visitors du jour a mere fifteen minutes after opening on a 100 degree Sunday. Never before have I seen such a long line for any bakery; this humdinger easily surpassed the notoriously long lines I've encountered at Magnolia, the original gourmet cupcakes shop, in the West Village of Manhattan.

As I have previously posted, I actually think the CAKE in Baked & Wired's cupcakes is a bit better (though I am not going to lie, Georgetown Cupcakes are also delicious and great looking!). And the packaging and presentation of Georgetown Cupcakes make for great dinner party gifts--hence my attempt to pick some up this past Sunday.  Seeing the line, I sighed and complained, and then headed down to Baked & Wired, where I happily picked up a delicious assortment without a tourist in site.

Consider yourself forewarned: Georgetown Cupcake is now more of a scene than ever. If there is no line, do try their cupcakes, but if you see the line before you see the shop, perhaps head down M Street, hang a right on Thomas Jefferson Avenue, and walk just beyond the C&O Canal to Baked & Wired (just don't tell any TV producers or tourists about it)!

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