Sunday, July 25, 2010

Food Field Trip: Napa Valley Style with OBX Views

Sound views from the outdoor bar and waiting area
I like to think of the Blue Point as the Central of the Outer Banks; the quality of the ingredients and preparation are as masterful, and there is the same need to make reservations weeks if not a month in advance. This bustling bistro, located on the sound in Duck, serves creative and hearty American fare, with an emphasis on local seafood and pork.

If your reservation experience (phone only) did not clue you into the popularity of this restaurant, the parking situation will. Come early to secure a spot in the very crowded parking lot shared with a series of adjacent shops and restaurants.

The interior's decor and aroma reminds me of the Rutherford Grill, but step outdoors to the waiting and bar area, and the sunset over the sound will remind you--albeit in a good way--that you are definitely not in Napa.

B and I did not act fast enough to get a reservation, but we chanced it, walked in, and after waiting for about 45 minutes (with drinks in hand watching the sun set over the sound) were seated around 8:15pm. Like in many places, being a party of two is useful when trying to snag a seat.

Our waitress was quite knowledgeable on the evening's food and wine selections, and assisted us in selecting an earthy Oregon Pinot Noir that would suit our diverse menu choices. The wine list is relatively small but interesting.

Our appetizer combined sauteed shrimp, with ham, pineapple, and a Tabasco-laden sauce. This dish was good, but not great. I liked the combination of the heat and sweetness, but the textures were all the same. If the thinly slice ham had been fried to a crisp, I think this dish would have really clicked.

The North Carolina trout was a thick cut of trout with a smokey flavor. The sauteed haricut verts complimented the fish with a sweetness and crunch. My one complaint here is on presentation. The fish was served skin-side up, which while objectively attractive is wholly impractical and messy!

B went with a double dose of the pig: a massive bone-in glazed pork chop and a pulled pork slaw. I was skeptical as to whether this dish would work, but the preparations of the pork were so different, that while rich, it was a sumptuous dish, especially the juicy pork chop with the perfect caramelized crust.

To top of the meal, we went with seasonal fruit cobbler, which on that night was blueberry and peaches topped with a buttermilk ice cream. This dish tasted like a perfect summer day.

If you are staying near Duck this is easily the best restaurant in the area. Dinner for two with tax, tip, appetizer, two entrees, dessert, and a bottle of wine was $160.

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  1. Sounds delicious! Blue Point never disappoints - perfect in every season. They do offer online reservations at (just be sure you select the correct date!). I have a hard time picking a favorite/best restaurant in Duck... we've had so many great meals down there!