Friday, July 9, 2010

Memories of Childhood Frozen Treats

In New England summer was not summer without ice cream cones, gluttonous ice cream sundaes (with the requisite peanut butter sauce topping), and high school gatherings under the ubiquitous green awnings of the neighborhood Friendly's.

The fried food offered inside is pretty bad if not downright inedible, but the ice cream is classic. And with so many choices, it really provides the quintessential New England ice cream experience available to Washingtonians--if you are brave and patient enough to venture to DC exurbs.

So if you find yourself driving back from the beach this weekend, and see a sign for this place, stop. The ice cream, part nostalgia, with every flavor imaginable, is rich, sweet, and creamy.

My peanut putter and forbidden chocolate pictured above was solely mine to enjoy for the mere pittance of $2.50.


  1. Oh my Gosh!! Gregg and I went there 7/4 for Sundaes :) SO GOOD!

  2. I've never been to a Friendly's but my friends have mentioned them. I'll have to stop by next time I see one...esp after looking at that peanut butter ice cream scoop of yours!

  3. Don't know how I would have made it through middle school/high school without this place! There is one in Silver Spring (aka a DC exurb!) which I have yet to go to!

  4. You didn't get a "Wattamelon Roll"? I am shocked!

  5. I just bought the wattamelon roll (yes, that IS the correct spelling) last week and it is pretty much all gone! YUM!!