Monday, June 21, 2010

Shaking like a Brit at Commonwealth

I am not so culturally insensitive to assume that the Irish, much less the British, serve up a Guinness shake-float. But if they don't, they should. Commonwealth, Jamie Leeds' British-themed gastropub in Columbia Heights offers this concoction on their dessert menu.

For $7 a delicious adult treat awaits. As the dark chocolate chunk ice cream melts, it neutralizes the bitterness of the stout, making for a tasty, thick summer treat with a kick. Plus, as a reward for finishing, you get to spoon up all those stout-soaked chocolate chunks.

B and I have dined at Commonwealth several times, and while I highly recommend it for the shake, the atmosphere, and the beer, the food is just decent and the service is hit or miss. I definitely prefer Hank's to this Leeds offering, but the new take on pub classics like fish and chips are good, and the array of beers--including the cask-conditioned selections--are interesting. Plus the bar tables double as chess and checker boards. And in writing this post I just learned they are offering an all night happy hour on Tuesday night. I think you may find me there soon on a Tuesday!

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  1. That sounds like the best dessert drink ever! I love Guinness and was lucky enough to visit the brewery when I was in Dublin. If I don't make it down to Commonwealth soon I'll definitely have to give this marvelous idea a diy try. Though I'm sure the Commonwealth can pull it off much better than I.