Friday, June 4, 2010

No More Apples and Bananas

While the heat has been here in force since Memorial Day, I am taking solace in the fact, that the fruits of summer are upon us. Westmoreland Berry Farms' produce, especially their berries, are one of my favorite parts of summer in DC.

The berries are out-of-this-world and well worth the fifteen minute line that snakes around the Westmoreland truck--the most popular vendor at Courthouse Farmer's Market from 8:00am - noon each Saturday. But get there early for the best selection and bring lots of cash. Last week's truck included picture-perfect strawberries, cherries, raspberries, and sugar snap peas which average about $5 each. And they taste even better than they look!

The family that sells the farm's produce are always knowledgeable and quite friendly, considering they have been up since 3am and typically have hours more to go of standing in the summer heat by the time I see them each Saturday.

I think I am going to need a bigger box tomorrow and should probably hit up the ATM too.

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  1. Their strawberries were very succulent, tasty and generally alluring, so I bet the other produce is great as well.