Friday, June 25, 2010

Nice Slice: Pete's A Pizza

When I first moved to DC, we often lamented the dearth of decent pizza choices. Over the past five years, though, the landscape has changed a bit. Originally, the Italian Store stood alone in offering a decent pie, but now places like Matchbox offer fabulous designer pizza (and sliders) and while Two Amy's struggles with consistency, their Neapolitan individual pizza is worth the trip. But there was still a lack of a lot of great sit-down establishments, that is until Pete's A Pizza opened in Columbia Heights (with a more recent opening in between Tenleytown and Friendship Heights).

Pete's bills itself as New Haven style. I have to admit, I have no idea what that means, but I can report that the pizza is almost like NYC style with a thin, charred crust, and flavorful cheese and toppings; the best I have experienced in DC.

After several Kona brews at Chief Ike's (for the record, I think this bar is entirely too dirty, but I like that they have Kona on tap and B loves it), we strolled up to Columbia Heights for a pizza dinner. Pete's is counter service; your meal is brought out to your table when ready. The pizzas are huge and would easily feed four. There being only two of us, we opted to go with several of the by the slice options. And after ordering, we spied our neighbors' fantastic-looking salad, so we added one of those too.

The pizza was chewy, nicely charred, with flavorful fresh toppings. Their signature clam pizza with white sauce sounds slightly off-putting, but it was the star of the night, followed closely by a spicy sausage and pepper red sauce slice. The salad was also a stand out with grilled artichokes, crisp lettuce, and plump polenta croutons.

The food runners were friendly and the experience exceeded our expectations. Plus, this place is affordable: $25 for four slices of pizza and a huge salad. They also offer a variety of microbrews on tap, but given the aforementioned Kona, we were beered-out.

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  1. Will give it a try--as a Jersey girl I have high standards for pizza :)

    Pete's is scheduled to open a Clarendon location (in the new Clarendon Center) this winter.

  2. Pete's Pizza tout's New Haven style pizza but it is just slightly close in quality. Crust is too stiff. The taste was fair to good but I must say surpasses the local chains by far. The staff needs a lesson in lingo to make the atmosphere just right. They have the "Ah-beets" correct and it is in their slogan on the entrance door to describe the word apizza, that's a good start. Now we are on to mozzarella cheese. It is not pronounced (Motts)erella like the applesauce. Technically its "mootz" which is short for mootzarella. Say mootzarella anywhere in the DC area and you will be quickly corrected with the American version. One other thing with what we ordered. I asked for onions which was followed with the question red or carmelized. A New Haven style ah-beets would never come with red onions so it is kind of silly to ask the question. So there you go. A little lesson in Italian slang from a STAVEN (slang for East Haven) girl herself. Yes, Pete, I noticed everything.