Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homemade Bread

I like nothing more than a carb-laden treat and what is more the essence of such than fresh baked bread? Not much. So when B discovered this New York Times recipe for no-knead bread that went viral last year (we are a bit behind the curve), I was thrilled.

For this bread, all you need is yeast, flour, water, dutch oven, and--most importantly--time. No pesky kneading and then kneading again… you get the idea.

When B first made the dough, I was skeptical. It looks like a gloppy, sticky, white alien blob. And the scariest part, this blob doubles in size over the course of about 14 hours. At that point, you simply remove it from the bowl, fold it in a ball upon itself, and let it rise for another 20 minutes. Then into the dutch oven it goes.

The end result speaks for itself:

We discovered that King Arthur flour makes for a superior dough and finished product. And how did we get so smart? From the no-knead bread exemplar on B’s other new obsession: Garden Fork TV. He loves it; I think it is annoying. But we both agree that this doughy on the inside, crusty on the outside bread is great.

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