Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year: Thanks Mark Slater!

Well, another year down, and we are nothing if not predictable. We enjoyed our last meal of 2009 at none other than a block away at Ray's the Steaks. I know, I know, you think there's nothing new here. But, we did have an absolutely fantastic wine --a 2006 Seabiscuit Superfecta--as well as a fabulous dessert beer-- a Belgian Kasteel Rouge. Both were the recommendation of Mark Slater, the restaurant's wine guru, who is also a proficient harpsichordist, Europhile, and an all-around delightful person.

Of course the food was excellent (once cooked), and we started with the trusty, lumpy crab bisque. I think crab bisque is maybe one of the only foods where lumpy is good. A tart but sweet (thanks to the whipped cream and graham cracker crust) key lime pie rounded out the meal.

My one issue that seems to recur at Ray's is the cooking of the steak to order. I am a medium-well girl (yes, I know this is sacrilegious to all carnivores), but don't bring me a steak five minutes later and claim it is cooked as such. The first version was rare and the second medium-well. Now I also understand tonight is New Year's Eve a.k.a. amateur night, but, please. The service, as always, was quick to address the problem (I think they'd rather err on the side of undercooked rather than overcooked, given the ease of reheating such good meat), and we continued on our way with a great meal and a fantastic end to an equally fantastic year.

Here's to good eating in 2010!

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