Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am Thankful for... Ray's the Steaks

Wow. We have have had the inlaws in town since Wednesday along with my husband's sister, her husband, and their adorable two-year old daughter and it has been wonderful and exhausting and seemingly impossible to please everyone at the same time. Until that is tonight; we made reservations at Ray's the Steaks and were all treated so well.

Though everyone had been to Ray's before (B and I are creatures of habit after all!), tonight was truly special. After a day of family activities in our two bedroom condo (yes, it is as spacious as it sounds), we were ready to get out.

And get out we did. Mark Slater recommended a wonderful, full-bodied, and slightly dry Chilean Cabernet (Ventisquero Reserva) for $23 (which made my father-in-law's night on both the price and taste counts). And then the kitchen sent out gratis the deviled eggs made with steak tartare (which we actually have never had at Ray's, but the tartare rivaled that which we ate in France), as well as samples of the crab bisque. We then proceeded onto a mix of salads followed by New York strips and Filets in au poivre or brandy mushroom cream sauce. And everyone was very happy and more than that, I think in love, with their steaks.

Then we dove into each of their phenomenal desserts. We were treated to white, milk, and dark chocolate mousse (aka my reason for living), strawberries and cream, and key lime and coco not cream pie. Everyone from the two-year old to the if-I-mentioned-their-ages-my-blog-would-be-shut-down-in-laws was in love with these desserts.

And I am happy to report that with the change of seasons, Ray's has switched over from tiger butter fudge to their rich, cinnamon hot chocolate with the check.

And on the way out, we ran into dear friends, making Ray's feel like home (cheesy I know, but I am full and happy).

Thank you Ray's for a wonderful post Thanksgiving experience.

Oh and shhh but big news about the Ray's empire is soon to be released, perhaps as early as next week. Can't wait. UPDATE -- The news is out.


  1. Fun running into you guys there... although it sounds like you had a better night than we did. Ryan and I both had to send our steaks back (his was way over cooked, mine the wrong cut), and then mine still wasn't right (over cooked and not au poivre). Oh well... maybe they were too busy giving you the royal treatment! And you'll be happy to know that we had dessert (gratis).

  2. I will note that Eating Around DC was the first announce that there was impending big news associated with the Ray's empire.