Monday, October 19, 2009

Too Stuffed to Dish (Yet)

We are back from France and while I promise I will supply all the juicy details of fabulous meals in Paris, Burgundy, and Lyon, I cannot even think about food right now (seriously). By our last meal Saturday night in Lyon both of us had overdosed on delicious dinners filled with all sorts of animal parts, rich sauces, and creamy cheeses, stretching for hours; our stomachs couldn't handle it anymore. We literally had to battle through our chocolate mousse on our final night– I know, I know, tough life.

Note the fat cherub below – that is how I felt for most of the trip (fat , happy, full of wine) minus the holy part.

Restaurant reviews and lots of mouth watering pictures to come later this week. But for now it is safe to say you will not find me at any of the DC French offerings anytime soon (or for at least a week : )).

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