Saturday, October 10, 2009

One More Before Au Revoir

In preparation for our France adventure and in especially good spirits after a week of chaos at work we were both on vacation, we decided on a distinctly non-Parisian fare before our trip-- Mexican.

About three years ago we discovered Guajillo ( pronounced Wa Hee Oh). It is a great little Mexican place in the adjacent space to the new Ray's Hellburger. The walls are two-tone tangerine orange with a soaring ceiling painted the color of the sky complete with puffy clouds. The food is a combination of Mexican and Tex-Mex and they make an excellent house margarita. And one more quirky touch, all servers are men, and all appear to be gay. Weird -- especially odd for a restaurant filled with white Arlington yuppies; but it works.

On Fridays, Guajillo serves an excellent spicy, white cheese dip in addition to their fire-roasted salsa. I admittedly fill up on this every time and end up with a lot of leftovers, but it is worth it.

Tonight B had the steak fajitas, which were served over a bed of charred green onions. The steak was tender and cooked medium. I had one of my old stand-bys: the queso fundido (the other being the shrimp and goat cheese enchiladas) with chorizo. The queso fundido is an excellent mix of chorizo, cheese of course, mushrooms, onion, peppers, and fresh pico de gallo. Both dishes were served with homemade corn tortillas (And owing to the aforementioned cheese dip I have lunch tomorrow).

As usual, to cap off the meal, we ordered the sopapillas with ice cream. The vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce was gooey and delicious as usual, but the fry cook butchered the sopas, which were charred shells of what is usually fluffy goodness.

Alas, not a bad meal to leave the country on. Dinner for two with a margarita for me and El Sol for B, with tax and tip was $62.

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