Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food Field Trip: Cape Cod Classics

So you may have noticed that Eating Around DC was somewhat quiet last week, but while the blogging was in short supply, the eating was not! I am back with Food Field Trip reports this week detailing my favorite summer beach spot: Cape Cod.

B and I were on our annual PILGRIMage (har, har); appropriately named because we always stay in Provincetown, the pilgrims' first landing spot and one of my favorite places in the world. And despite--or perhaps because of--an inordinate amount of rain in the form of the rare August Nor'easter, I have some great food finds to share and one to avoid.

So let's start with the Cape Cod classics: Lobster and Ice Cream.

For a traditional, but likely the biggest, lobster roll you have ever seen, the Raw Bar, was our first stop as we meandered up the Cape. The original location is in Mashpee, with a second location added this summer further up in Hyannis.

Yes, this lobster roll really is this big, bursting with tender tail and claw meat of what must be 2-3 lobster in just a slight smattering of mayonnaise.

My half (B and I split) pictured above was delectable, perfectly cooked and filling. I can't speak for the roll, since I could hardly make it through the lobster Do note that if you choose to share, you may be ribbed by some well-meaning regulars who seem to have an uncanny ability to consume massive amounts of lobster.  I think maybe I need to spend more time on the Cape to train my stomach.

Raw Bar on Urbanspoon

Next it was onto Sundae School for what I believe is ice cream Sundae perfection. I have never tasted a better version, as this one is made up of all homemade ingredients from the numerous and ever-changing small-batch ice cream flavors, to the rich hot fudge and homemade whipped cream.

Served in the original location in a classic dish with a fresh cherry, this dessert is rich, creamy, and picture perfect. The fudge slowly melts the ice cream and results in a delightful mix of hot and ice cold. Pictured above is a sundae with my favorite flavor: coffee oreo. I recommend the original location in Dennisport for the old-time feel, complete with 100 year old soda fountain, and player piano, but the ice cream is equally as tasty at the other locations (we made a stop at the East Orleans outpost on our way home).

Sundae School Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

As with most things on the Cape, such simple classics don't come cheap. The lobster roll is $25 and the classic ice cream Sunday is $5.99. Service at both counter-service establishments is friendly and efficient.

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