Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lunch Break DC: Proof

My sister was in town this past week, which was a perfect reason to try out a new place for a leisurely lunch special--especially one that includes a glass of wine. Wine with lunch is of course an indulgence that is normally out of the question during the week. But since I was playing host and took the day off, it proved a great choice.

So we gave Proof's $12 lunch special a whirl. While I have been to Proof for dinner (really good, but not great) and more times than I can count for drinks (both the wines by the glass and cocktails are excellent), this was my first lunch trip.

The special, available in the bar area only, consists of one of about a half dozen entrees paired with a glass of either a red or white varietal chosen by Proof staff based on the current wine list. An iced tea is also available should you be on the clock. We both chose a pleasantly crisp white that paired well with our entree choices.

I opted for the much lauded shrimp burger which did not disappoint. The burger was tender and piping hot with a great crunch, but what really set this burger apart was the accompanying pickled slaw that added crunch and heat thanks to thinly shaved jalapenos. And while the bun looks a tad dry in this picture, it was fresh and held up well. It was worth the carbs.

My sister H opted for a hearty dish of gnocchi in a rich wild mushroom sauce offset by whole grilled green onions. The dish was attractive and quite good. The plump gnocchi seemed the perfect antidote to a rainy cold day.

The value of this lunch is indisputable with the wine, but the entrees make it a smart--if not everyday--option during the week even if you are working and can't imbibe.

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