Thursday, May 6, 2010

Food Field Trip: S'Mac Down in the East Village

Pinch me; I think I must be dreaming. I can’t believe there is actually an entire restaurant devoted to macaroni and cheese. And while, yes, S’Mac has a cheesy (har!) look to it, its infinite variations on such a beautiful singular theme are the real deal.

Just look at this steaming skillet of goodness:

I opted for the (only in America) concoction of chicken, blue cheese, a spicy Buffalo sauce, American and cheddar cheeses. I love spicy foods and the combination of spice coupled with the cheese really made this dish click.
B had the "Alpine Mac" with bacon and Gruyere. He too fell in love.

S'Mac comes in four sizes. I got the smallest, the "Nosh," which is about $7; B had the "Major Munch" for $10. Both offered hearty portions in individual cast iron skillets. But if you are really hungry you can go with the "Mongo" or "Partay" portions

S'Mac offers more choices than you would think possible from a single-food restaurant, including gluten-free pasta, vegan-friendly versions, and even hot dogs. And we discovered while leaving that two storefronts down, S'Mac has a second location dedicated to solely takeout.

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