Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Trusty DC Favorite

Tosca is one of my favorite restaurants in DC, yet this is the first time I am posting about it because I haven't visited in almost six months, which was prior to the inauguration of this blog. But last night my boss E was kind enough to treat my work team to a celebratory dinner.

Tosca is located in the Metro Center area and is easy to miss; its nondescript entrance is heavily curtained to ensure maximum privacy for its weeknight patrons, who consist of a bunch of self-important K Streeters and other politicos.

B and I discovered this place about three years ago during Restaurant Week; yes, despite my previous rant, Restaurant Week can have a positive outcome! Tosca actually offers a three- course special--if ordered before 7pm--every night year-round except holidays for $35 which includes most of the best items on their regular menu.

Last night was the first time I did not get the tender pillows of goodness that are the veal ravioli. This was a real departure for me, since they are one of my favorite bites in DC. But, I decided to be bold and instead started with the truffle butter seared foie gras over lentils. The dish was rich and flavorful, but I think it could have benefited from an accompaniment other than lentils which just added to its heft. I had the lobster risotto for a main course. The risotto was fabulous, cooked al dente, and included large chunks of tender lobster, a touch of saffron, and a fantastic fried parsley garnish. Both choices were very good, but I have to say, neither was as spectacular as the veal ravioli.

I started with a perfect Kir Royale and then a less than stellar (especially for the price) glass of Barbaresco. The value on bottles are slightly better than on the glass, and their list has a handful of good picks for under $50.

For dessert I am also a creature of habit; Tosca's twist on tiramisu is closer to a mousse, served up in a martini glass. Last night though I opted for the rice pudding instead with vanilla infused kumquats, which was pretty much a let down. However, I did devour the house-made apricot jellies that were served at the end of dinner. These were bursting with apricot flavor and then had the tang of a sour patch kid. How often do you get that combination?

Tosca has the best Northern Italian dishes I've yet to find in DC and the service is flawless. And the pre-7pm prix-fix deal is one of the best values at any place in the area.

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