Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunny Skies and Sweet Treats

The yogurt of my dreams is a whipped, rich, creamy soft-serve--much more like ice cream and lacks the tang of real yogurt.

Today I treated myself to a rare afternoon snack at a self-serve yogurt shop, were you could pick from nearly twenty flavors lining one wall and massive tubs to fill. And a topping bar on the back wall that ranges from healthy fruits to peanut butter cups. My one complaint: no cookie dough! TCBY had it!

But the dearth of this topping aside, one of the best parts of this set up is that they charge by the ounce. Today I only wanted a sampling and was able to get a delightful peanut butter and cookies and cream twist with a touch of peanut butter cups for $2.12.

For what feels like the first time in years, the sun was shining brightly in DC today and temperatures hit the 60's. By no means balmy, but in my mind enough to justify a stop in at the newest downtown yogurt venture: FroZenYo.

The place first caught my eye and ear a few weeks ago with a cheesy banner for a sign and loud pop music blasting onto the sidewalk. The shop is between one of those terrifying warehouse size gift shops near Ford's Theatre and American Apparel, but the inside is ultra-modern. But the contemporary appeal stops there; unlike the fad of all-natural, not-too-sweet swath of yogurt shops sweeping D.C. and elsewhere along the East Coast, this place is the real old school-style frozen yogurt.

So does life get better in DC?! Not today, at least for those of us that like a taste of the old-school frozen yogurt. If you have a sweet tooth I recommend it. I will be back especially because it is close to my work and the metro. Dangerous.

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