Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Consistently Delicious: Guajillo

This week in the DC area has been anything but normal. With another foot and a half of snow expected today on top of the 2 feet that is already on the ground, the region is at a virtual stand still. Because of the Federal government closures, B has been off, and I have been working from home. The result is that by the end of the day we are both itching to get out and are lucky enough to be able to walk to some great places.

Last night we headed to one of our standbys: Guajillo. While we visit often, I do not think I have given this place its due on my blog. The food is great, really authentic, and consistent. The service is also excellent, and the atmosphere is fun with brightly painted walls, comfortable stretched leather chairs, and a small bar up back.

I started with an excellent house margarita. Their drinks are strong, the sour mix is homemade (i.e., not fluorescent green) and the tequila selection is pretty decent. After a sip I momentarily forgot that we had to trudge back up a snow laden hill after dinner. B had the Dos Equis Amber, the one draft beer selection. And a fresh basket of chips with a spicy salsa soon arrived to compliment the drinks.

Last night was not a typical night at Guajillo due to the snow and some of the busboys were stepping up as waiters. While our busboy-turned-waiter's English was not the best, he had a great attitude and was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the food. He also let us know Guajillo serves brunch, so now we are looking forward to a Sunday of huevos rancheros soon.

Last night there was a new option on the menu, a sampler of five tacos: roasted pork with pickled red onion, fish with cream sauce, lamb, pork with pineapple, and steak, all served on homemade corn tortillas with both red and green salsa on the side. I opted for this dish because I like everything I have ever tried at Guajillo and this allowed me the best of all worlds. It was fabulous. The fish was fresh and offset by red cabbage, the pork tender, and the lamb succulent. All five offered rich, varied flavors and I wish I had my camera with me, because the presentation was stellar. B opted for the beef enchiladas which were served with refried beans and rice.

It was a great meal and a tremendous value. The total with tax and tip was $52.

And an interesting note, while Guajillo was packed, Ray's Hellburger next door was almost empty. I think it is indicative of the fact that since Obama visited, patrons that drive in must predominate, and neighborhood folks might have given up due to the crowds. I am hoping the bigger Hellburger location solves this issue.

I was very happy with the our dinner and had enough energy to trudge back up the hill and stop into our local pub to meet fellow snowed-in neighbors for a nightcap.

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  1. mmmm. I may have to try this place out. Thanks for the post!