Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ray's The Expansion

On my metro ride to work this morning I was treated to an update on all things Ray's...

For any other Ray's fanatics, check out the newest happening on the link above. I am especially excited about this:

Landrum's evolution will certainly be on display at Ray's the Glass in the same building as Ray's: The Steaks. It was conceived as a wine bar and lounge; hence the name. But Landrum and sommelier Mark Slater, formerly of Citronelle, are launching a version of the kind of restaurant that Landrum loves to hate. Ray's: The Glass will offer reservations and private dining rooms where diners can order one of several "ambitious" set menus created with wine in mind.

While I love a good steak, lately it has been the wine that has drawn me back to Ray's the Steaks way more than I should (read: every other week for the past two months), so I am looking forward to other food options to go with that wine.

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