Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's the Little Things

After a particularly frenetic day, starting before dawn with an early client meeting, I finally found time to grab lunch. Potbelly's, a chain sandwich shop founded in Chicago (, is oftentimes my go-to for a quick sandwich or salad. Their food is consistent if unremarkable and the service is quick and polite.

But what really sets them apart is the Sheila's Dream bar. This delightful treat starts with a blonde brownie-like base mixed with oats, caramel, chocolate chips. And while I don't normally eat dessert with lunch, my salad wasn't cutting it today and I decided to indulge. The bar is soft, yet chewy, and stands out from your average brownie due to the texture of the oats. It really is a tasty snack and for $1.39 the extra calories are virtually free : ).

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