Friday, September 4, 2009

Great Neighborhood Pub (just not my neighborhood)

Last night B and I headed to Stoney's in Logan Circle. In spite of the fact that Stoney's is probably the only place on P street without a happy hour (and I love a good happy hour), it has such a great atmosphere (casual, plenty of seating, good background music ranging from 70's funk to reggae) and above all else: awesome, varied beers on tap, and a bartender that knows how to pour them correctly.

Right now Stoney's has Kona's Firerock Pale Ale, a hoppy beer which B & I enjoyed last spring while on the Big Island of Hawaii. The taste brings me back to sipping the same beer while watching the sunset over the Pacific (which is a great way to forget the stresses of work!). Plus, they also had Harpoon UFO on tap. As a former Boston resident and big fan of Harpoon, I love this beer, especially on tap with a lemon -- it tastes like summer to me -- and this is very hard to find in DC. Pints are about $6 each.

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