Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grape Juice for Adults

Food Field Trip Napa Valley 2010

A glass of crisp chardonnay on a summer day cools and refreshes. A flute of champagne exudes excitement and celebration. A Burgundy on a brisk fall evening warms and charms.  And let's face it, in a city that works as hard and as much as DC, I am one of many wine worshippers. 

Rohan over at District 365 has decided to do something to address the appetites of DC oenophiles.  Recognizing the market for wine delivery and the desire for wine-themed dinners, classes, and tastings, Rohan is getting ready to create a virtual hub for all things wine in DC. 

In celebration of the launch, District 365 is running a contest for a wine getaway in the burgeoning wine regions of Virginia and Maryland.  While admittedly I have not yet come to appreciate our local wine market (and am not sure I ever will), a weekend in the country imbibing on local wines gratis does not sound half bad.  Click here to enter and learn more about District 365 Wine.

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