Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Big Cheese: Grilled Cheese on Wheels

On countless mornings this summer, I jogged by a curious site parked in Rosslyn: a truck with a suspiciously happy grilled cheese sandwich painted on the side.  But at 7 in the morning, the truck was in sleeping not serving mode.  It was not until this past Saturday at Clarendon Day that I saw the Big Cheese Truck in action.  I was so excited that I think I may have even started to run out of a force of habit.

As B and I eagerly bellied up to the counter, the owner detailed the menu as happily as the smiling bread logo watched over patrons.  The Midnight Moon, a combination of goat, gouda, and caramelized onions on multigrain, sounded like the ideal fall lunch.  And at $6, it was all that a grilled cheese should be, simultaneously gooey and indulgent.  But unlike your standard order grilled cheese, the savory, sweet combination of the gouda and goat cheese was a distinctively adult take on a childhood classic.

It does not get much better than an indulgent grilled cheese sandwich paired with a Blue Moon Harvest beer enjoyed together at an outdoor street festival on a fall afternoon.  In my mind, it was the perfect autumn lunch.  To follow this cheese and determine if it will be coming to a location near you, click here.


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