Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eating Around DC Hurricane Hunkering

Arlingtontians Stocking up before the Storm

Back-to-back posts with a natural disaster theme is a first for Eating Around DC.  In the words of the Barefoot Contessahow bad could that be?  I guess we will see...

With Hurricane Irene upon us, B and I have stocked up on the essentials.  These include a $30 case of water (gasp).  Apparently that is what happens when you wait until the last minute and  head to the Clarendon Whole Foods on Friday night.  This box o' Volvic (could that name be anymore disturbing?) is sitting in a corner complete with the receipt because should we not need it, we will swiftly be returning it on Monday.  $30 for a bottle of wine, liquor, or a case of beer, is fine but $30 for water is the height of Arlington absurdity and a clear indication that DC is in disaster mode.

Speaking of, the Arlington Farmers Market convened briefly this morning.  While it was a skeleton crew, relocated behind the CVS on 15th street, those farmers that were able to attend made sure that we did not miss even one week of tomato season.  Thank you!

And not sure what tonight holds, but am guessing cabin fever will certainly ensue by tomorrow.  A perfect Sunday escape may just be Bar Dupont if you are looking for an excuse to get out of the house and drown your sorrows over a missed weekend at the beach.  In addition to their panoramic view of Dupont Circle and potent well-mixed cocktails, they will be offering $5 themed drink specials like the ubiquitous Hurricane and a predictably strong Irene (Belvedere Intense Vodka, Peach Schnaps, Blue Curacao, and Sour mix).

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