Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eating Around DC Earthquake Edition

Hot N' Sour Soup before the Shake

I just experienced my most memorable lunch, though not for the reasons one might ordinarily expect.  A 5.8 magnitude Earthquake struck the DC area while I was slurping on hot and sour soup at TNR Cafe in Arlington.  I intended to blog about the cafe for its simple, spicy, vegetarian soup, which is a great value ($2).   All true, but as a Washingtonian, an earthquake is not something I was even remotely prepared for.

About fifteen people, mostly single diners occupied the restaurant, a small storefront in Courthouse, when the building started to shake slightly.  A few audible hmmms (akin to, that was interesting....I wonder what is happening), and then the shaking intensified including an ominous, low rumbling sound.  I am not sure who ran first, but soon everyone was sprinting for the door; it was quite chaotic (proof of my panic: I even left my iPhone on the table).  After a minute of stunned silence on the sidewalk, relief set in.  Yes, that was an earthquake (and not the bomb attack every DC resident fears) and everyone seemed to be okay.  The servers hugged, reassured the diners that it was safe to go back in, and then continued to feed a previously hungry and now (literally) shaken crowd.  Check please!

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