Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ray's Expands the Steaks

Readers know that B and I eat at Ray's the Steaks far more than we would even admit to.  And recently, with the addition of dry-aged, bone-on options on weekends, we have found ourselves drawn back To Ray's even more frequently.

The house-cut steaks range from filets to porterhouses to something called the "long bone," which looks like a cut that would have made Fred Flinstone happy.  While the prices are about $7-8 more than the traditional cuts, the flavors are intense and the meat is tender and moist.

And perhaps soon (fingers crossed!) we will have some new wine options to pair with these cuts, as butcher paper has finally gone up on the windows of the space next door, hopefully signally a soon-to-be-open Ray's the Glass.  A tentative cheers to that!

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