Friday, October 22, 2010

Eating Around DC's Dream Food Field Trip

Fall is my favorite season: a slight chill in the air, vibrant colors, and ethereal light, make it the perfect time to travel.  Last year's fall food field trip took B and me to France, discovering an array of food finds in Paris, Beaune, and Lyon.  This year, B and I are staying domestic (lucky thing we didn't head to France this year) and are headed on Saturday to Monterey, Sunday Big Sur, and finally, Napa Valley next week for some over-the-top culinary adventures.

All of this will culminate with a dinner at French Laundry, which proved to be every bit as much of the hard-won, nail-biter of a reservation it is cracked up to be; this score required hundreds of redial attempts, and on the third day of trying two months to the day, luck struck. This trip is definitely going to be a bit over-the-top, but in the best way, with dinners already planned at Ad Hoc, Bottega, and Seirra Mar, and visits to several wineries (many via bike to work off those dinners).

We adore Napa and have been lucky enough to visit two times before, but have never done it like this .  This foodie is excited!  

So, Eating Around DC will be uncharacteristically quiet next week, far too busy eating and drinking to type. A detailed Northern California Food Field Trip Report will follow.  In the meantime, anyone have can't miss winery recommendations?  Do tell!

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