Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wagshals: Good Sandwiches...If You Eat!

Wagshals, the famed and cramped delicatessen in Northwest DC, serves up some excellent sandwiches. The sub rolls are chewy on the inside and crackly on the outside; the meats are high quality and stacked high. For about $7 you get one of the best deli sandwiches in the area. While B is actually able to take a weekday lunch break here, I only get to sample the fare on weekends.

We headed up there today, and considering the wait -- we were number 55 and they were calling 21! -- it moved relatively quickly. My Italian cold cut sandwich was excellent with tangy peppers and hard salami with cracked peppercorns pulling the whole thing together. B definitely enjoyed his turkey with cole slaw and Russian dressing.

But the most entertaining part of lunch today was not the sandwiches, but the conversation at a table behind us. Wagshals is in a very affluent neighborhood adjacent to American University--Spring Hill is where Tenleytown meets the Palisades. The Mom, Dad, two kids, and grandparents (presumably out-of-town visitors) were agonizing over what to order:

Grandmother to the Mom: "What do you eat?"

40ish Mom (skinny lady in yoga pants): "I don't eat."

Grandmother looks perplexed.

Mom's deadpan reply: "We come here every Saturday. They eat. I don't eat."

One thing is for sure. I may not be a Mom, and I am all for physical fitness, but if I ever become a mother and take my kids to a place every Saturday and my husband and kids eat, I will too; hell, even if they don't I will eat. Especially if it's Wagshals.

So go for the sandwiches; the side of inane conversation is gratis.

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