Monday, April 26, 2010

Ray's the Steaks Revisited

Just in case you think my Ray's reviews--while voluminous--are dated, we have been pretty consistent in our biweekly visits. But don't judge! We genuinely love the place, and while the neighborhood feel may be evaporating with the reservation policy, it is like home for us.

In the last couple of weeks, they have actually cleared a few tables to make a lounge and waiting space. So the number of tables has actually thinned out overall; I'm not sure whether business has declined somewhat to allow for less tables? Weird.

On the food side, the macaroni and cheese --which we first tried a few weeks ago--we had again tonight. Love it. Rich, creamy, with just the right amount of saltiness. Highly recommend this $6 addition to your meal.

Also on our last visit, a favorite waiter who recently left Ray's to head to Las Vegas recommended the Brazilian cut. This delicious and juicy cut is paired with a spicy house-made piranha sauce. I never thought I would diverge from the fillet, but I have been quite happy with this change. And the price can't be beat -- $19.99 for this cut as opposed to closer to $30 for the fillet or the strip.

Service is still quick but friendly, the same spicy cashews start the meal off right, and the dark chocolate mousse and coconut cream pie are as over-the-top decadent as they always have been. And of course, the wine selection is budget-friendly, unique, and diverse--tonight we tried a new reasonable Californian petite syrah that was quite nice.

Hence, Ray's remains my number 1 DC-area dining destination overall.

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